Friday, October 29, 2010

"Making a Stand for Clean Water" was Successful!

Not done cleaning and packing yet, but I need a break and I’m going to write on my blog.  It’s the top of the 8th inning and it looks like Texas didn’t show up for this game.  That really puts them in a hole if they lose tonight.
Do you know why I love baseball so much?  1.  Each team takes turns.  There are no interceptions, no tackles, and no loose puck turnovers.  The only stealing is second, sometimes third, and rarely home.  2.  The rules are easy, even simple, and the umpire’s word is final.  3.  There is no clock.  The game ends when the third out is made in the ninth, but until then every pitch counts.  4.  Anyone can be the hero.
So, do you want to know how our lemonade stand went today?  We served about 30 people lemonade and snacks at the clubhouse.  Our neighbors were so supportive of my kids and really took the time to listen to them.  Many told stories of their experiences traveling to Africa, or of their children who had done humanitarian relief work in countries like Haiti where cholera is rampant because of unclean water.  Evan worked on a power point presentation sharing facts and everyone stopped to read it.  So how did we do?  We will be donating $123 to Samaritan’s Purse toward the purchase of a household water filter.  Great job kids.  I'm so proud of you!
Our first customer, Scott
Two trivia questions today, one from Evan and one from Naomi.
32.  (Evan’s)  Here’s the riddle:  A man leaves home.  He goes straight, turns left, goes straight, turns left, goes straight, turns left and returns home where he is met by two men wearing masks.  Who were the men?  (2 points)

33. (Naomi’s)  Our trip includes eight cities where we stopped (or will stop).  Unscramble the names of the cities.  (4 points)  For two extra points, put them in chronological order.
I -- C -- E -- O -- S -- B
I -- C -- N -- A -- I -- T -- N -- I -- N -- C
A -- K -- O - V -- L -- E -- L -- I -- N -- S -- C -- J
R -- A -- D -- O -- N -- L -- O
H -- E -- S -- I -- A -- A -- P -- N -- S -- W -- H
I -- E -- F -- O -- G -- E R -- N -- O -- G -- P
S -- O -- I -- A -- N -- P -- I G -- N -- R -- S -- T -- N -- B
H -- R -- E -- T -- N -- N -- O -- S -- L -- A -- C

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