Monday, October 11, 2010

A City and Some History

If you ask Aidan where we are tonight, he will say with utmost confidence "South Korea."  What he really means, of course, is South Carolina.  We arrived in Charleston this afternoon and spent some time this evening wandering around Battery Park.  We walked up Meeting Street from the harbor to Broad Street and back again.  Even though it was dark, we were awed by the homes and history in those eight blocks.

Tomorrow we will take a bus tour of the city and a ferry tour to Fort Sumter. This should be a fun day.

I have two trivia questions today.  Here they are:

11.  During its early years, a wall was constructed around the city of Charleston.  The wall was made of Palmettos and mud.  Name two other walled cities in North America.  (2 points)

12.  Two signers of the Constitution are buried at St. Michaels Episcopal Church in Charleston.  Who are they?  (3 points)

(Sorry there are no pictures tonight... the internet is too slow.)

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