Saturday, October 2, 2010

Four Days to School on the Road Adventure!!

In just four short days we will be heading south for a month of learning on the road.  My mom is joining us for the first week.  Our first stop is Shipshewana, Indiana.  I hope to snag a large drying rack before they sell out.  And maybe some warm cinnamon rolls or fresh bread.  Yum!

We'll move on down the road toward the Great Smoky Mountains National Park then east toward Biscoe, North Carolina to visit my niece in her new home.  The next few days will see us in Charleston, South Carolina.  Evan will be doing some research on the Civil War and Charleston will provide a wealth of information!

After Charleston we'll send my mom back home and we'll hightail it to our condo in Bonita Springs, Florida.  Our trip will end with the launch of the Space Shuttle on November 1, assuming NASA doesn't delay it.

While it seems like great fun to travel for a month, this is not just a vacation.  We will use the world as our classroom; I am excited to take learning to a new level with real people, places and experiences.  We are going to share what we learn with our friends back home in the form of a trivia contest.  If you haven't yet been invited to participate in our "School on the Road" Trivia Contest, please leave me a comment.

That's all for now... let the planning, packing, and preparing continue!

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