Friday, November 12, 2010

Final Thoughts

You're probably wondering why I've been home for a week and haven't posted the results of the trivia contest yet, right?  Well, we hit the ground running and this blog slipped to the back burner.  Today is my day to finish a few things, including announcing the winner.

But, before I do that, here are some facts about our trip.

•I put 4,438 miles on the truck in 32 days; final mileage on the odometer was 196,026.  I did let Brent drive us to and from Cocoa Beach and to Daytona Beach (I'm so nice!), but all the other miles were drive by yours truly!  My truck ran great - only had to replace a headlight and I averaged 16.1 mpg ('97 Suburban, remember?!?)  I love to drive!!!

•My kids have been to 15 states this year.

•We saw license plates from Washington D.C., Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Manitoba, VanCouver, and 48 states.  We failed to see any vehicles with plates from North Dakota or Hawaii.  We saw three Hawaii plates this summer on our trip to Colorado so I'm bummed we didn't see another one.  Also, we did not see any plates from North Dakota on our summer trip, so maybe those people a. don't travel much outside their state, or b. they don't have license plates???

•Our favorite stops were Charleston, S.C. and the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota, FL.  Our most memorable stop was Cocoa Beach because the boys were stung by jellyfish.

•I asked 40 trivia questions.  The winner of the trivia contest is....... Team Nagelkerk from Michigan! They got 52 out of 54 possible points. The most interesting thing they learned was that manatees are closely related to elephants.  Congratulations!  Their prize is a collections of fun things we picked up at all our stops, and some candy (for John).

I'm already dreaming about our next road trip.  California?  Minnesota? Massachusetts?  Hawaii?  Europe?  We'll see!

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